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Qeelasee Lash

Qeelasee 5ml/10ml Remover Brush Pen

Qeelasee 5ml/10ml Remover Brush Pen

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Product Features:

*The thick texture makes it not easy to flow into the eyes when used, so it is safer and not stimulate.
*It is made like a pen which is more convenient and quick to use.

Notes On Use:

* Twist the tail of the remover pen until the remover overflows, then apply it to the false eyelashes that need to be removed and wait for one minute to remove.
*After the remove is completed, please wipe the residue on the client's eyelashes with a paper towel or cotton pad,then clean it with eyelash cleaning solution. Clean the tip of the pen with disinfectant,then close the lid.


*5ml (can use for 10-15 clients)
*10ml (can use for 30 clients)
*Can be repeatable filled.

Phone/Whatsapp/Wechat: +008615588629329

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