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Qeelasee Lash

Protein Remover/Lash Primer

Protein Remover/Lash Primer

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Protein Remover /Lash Primer--Green Tea Type

*Quantity: 1 Bottle per lot.
* Ingredient: H2O,Cetylpyridium Chloride,Surfactant,Green Tea Extract Floriental
*Use only protein remover for the remove the protein of human eyelashes and clean the lashes from facial oil/ protein or dust, so it would double up the bonding power and retentivity of adhesive.
* Please use on human eyelashes before eyelash extension
*How to use?
Do not use directly.Take some remover out to small ball and please use wiht swab cotton bud or Cosmetic Cotton or Micro Applicator.

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